Intermittent feelings of societal bliss and enthusiastic compartmentalization – that oft comical, tired and thirsty version of a trivial person

Who will somehow snake, twist and turn and earn their eager worth by being outright creatively vilified or altogether rather instinctively unaware of this aggressor’s life

Of layabout over indulgences when pitted themselves laboriously alongside ..
these happy little determined and endlessly suggestive instances, sensationally steeped and specifically earmarked as —

A reverberating sense of “sugarcoated significance”.

Those lofty little detailed conversations nestled neatly with-in their honorary brains// that makes it all manage to make some kinds of unattainable sense .. sometimes

Occasionally, only never EVER!! all of the time . An obsessive with the compulsion to propel his outlandish vision til put upon A WING and a prayer

To describe his mind is to describe a delicate desire