1/ We never really meant to detriment ourselves actually, we didn’t even MEAN to have been so very SPECially and socially, ahem..

2/ Mean to ourselves and ever since// they took us for trash-happy granted.

3/ Yes, there’s a radicalised fly in our particular ointment and, Yet, y-e-t, YET(..) “they will not forget, NOTfret… a single enthusiasTIC(!) ThInG

4/ Again, when our favoured and favOURite heartstrings sang and at

5/ ParticularlyPrioritisedandDistantly- – ->> dIsGuiSed pace.” YES(!!) we were evenReady way (back… … ..) be4it all attempts to make
Hahahahaha sense. When to differ in spirit and ((PHYSICALLY)) SuFfEr to Suggest /
“That we were tying the wrong sides of our upside down
Beneath shoelaces” is just yet another manner of sPEAKING

6/ In, AhEm.. upside down under
Beneath syllables, indeed. Some things are BEST LEFT
Bound to beBuried.