On their knees, please. These people did a terrific sense of injustice to themselves; it’s been.. beyond the thoughts that we cannot even start to takePartIn. They are… an automatic memory set in Idiosyncratic Stone, only two of them

A pair; of ONE who knew NO-other(!) and why(?) have we not seen their creative state of mental interplay but because… to interrupt that particular thing is to

Bring their house ofCards To ClassA sHARDs. Standing veritablyCertifiable(..) they were ill people even if we reckon them to have been… …

Miraculously Okay, actuALLy. “And they… didn’t wish to wonder anymore, even though: all that THEY did kNOw was—-

How long it takes(THEM)to lend a hand to anyone else but for— themSELVESandNOoneELSE. Electrified by life and undeniably

Unfixable, indeed.” Oh, “but for the speed of theirTorpedoLike Brains..

They are NotTheSAME as everyone else… wishes for themselves to HaveBEEN!”