She smiled, all that she could do, even though more recently everything had been getting coated in disaster, the man who she had ran over in the street one sun-filled morning well and truly back to haunt her
No such plaster here
He flaunted all too feverishly, reminding her of what she had done to him while doing the simple things, picking up a carton of eggs and milk following a rare visit to the gym
Everywhere she turned, there he would be, staring right at her, causing her usually smooth voice to come out in shocking slur
Then cease, how on earth was she ever going to make her peace
His body may have been in the morgue, but his soul floated about the place at mesmerising pace
He opted on lacing her left, right and centre, she utterly unable to hide
Really, did she need to slide on out of her own life?
Sat at her dinner table one night, hardened knife in hand, she thought that maybe she ought to either do this or walk toward the ocean, feet dug painstakingly deep in the sand
He placed out his gruesome and bloodied hand, pulled her right around, no interest in seeing her drown, far more intent on making her pay for what she had done
Held her against the ground ’til the dark wavered, the sun returned
Tortured ’til the end of time