We were gainfully trying now// to make specific sense of it all, actually, we were even very muchSOtrying to be credibly k—i—n—d when our cHaOtIc~minds didn’t kNOw What to DoAnyMORE..

“making Dostoyevskian~SeNSe of. A million other RadicAlISed~things will nEVER be all that EasyA feat.”

Carrying the Tantalised passion to stay~put and OUTLAST- – ->> all of these other Pilfering’s of StEaDyFaCeD People((probably chosen to have been PlAyFULLYplagiarised indeed)).

“WHAT(?)” it will s—t—i—l—l have~A~heART and take —>> is a thousand~times~the~heartache, and MOST-certainly.. a
Complex and agonised PeRsOn is perishingAtTheSawnOFFseams whilst we (((all))) attempt..

to feel “balanced and BrandNewAgain.”
Let them meander and mean something to nobody else ‘cept for
Ahem, THEIR very own TheOrYoFsElF, please.”