We haven’t even witnessed Anything yet. It’s been coming and at purely

Outrageous pace; these are the pilfered AND OftenThanNeverBefore(!!) pilferING individuals who DID NOT mean-to-do… THAT PARTICULAR THING.. … anymore than WE WISH WE WERE D-E-A-D(..)

When the sun comes down again, they w-i-l-l overREACT and re—ach for the pen: POISED and precious THAT IT ALL IS..

As a thousand inner-ward thoughts stART to ought to REALLY WANT to make mereEaGeR sEnSe of (THEMselves and) n-o-b-o-d-y ELSE

“Yes. What they have achieved is to actually investigate in their VERY own STARRY-EYED state – of UPwardly mobile inTELLigences again, and it d-o-e-s seem as if, as ThOUGH —->”

they’ve been borderLINE bRoKeN and WaItiNg(..) to e(A)rn their every next stripe—
Excitable, almost v-e-r-y nearly ((NEVER))..

these wanderLUST wallflowers; these (Please, Let Them Be!!) EARLY-door PeoPle – with passion AND MixEdUP(NOT-on-purPOSE!!) emotions, AND r-e-a-d-i-l-y prepared to knit

—- > the fabrics of their FANtastical minds: Back together