If they understood the telltale stance we’d to take then they’d maybe get to definitely understand the UTTER disintegration happening inside of our Dostoyevskian brains. They’d feel the effedUP feels which did not even

Believe in their innate theme of triggerHAPPY survival. “Blind-and-still-breathing.” Will maybe get THEMSELVES to intricately-right-now understanding the invisible hands wrapped-right-round-about our upside-down, pummelled-right-out minds.

“Fine,” so very long as we remain steadilyHELD deeply back together “again, plEASE!!” Because we were inesCAPABLY scRiBbLing when we really should’ve been sprinting cOmFortAblY CapSiZed…

and living jOyOusLy InSiDe of unimaginable minds = “and eventually managing to make impending friends with the heavenly hellish pUlsatInG heavens above which sent itself seethingly inSaNe anyway…

for the sake of staking our layabout claim over
(their) dystopian, helter-SkElTeR bRainS.” When we smile with ceaselessly crying eyes because

WE DO KNOW THE WHOLE WIDE TRUTH which didn’t even ever need to be touched with The Ins & Outs of our endlessly suggestive states of utterly overthinking disintegration