Time to take things right on up to the next level, the kind of writing that appeals to everyone, no need for rhyme, all about using the words that make people think, smile, reminisce for a while perhaps
Not question why I write the way I do, rather enjoy every single word big, small or medium that I use
Been told I have in the past abused a few and that’s quite alright, something I had to get out of my system, most definitely had to do
It comes to a point where every single word means the world to me, it had been building up to this amidst years of confusion, of not necessarily knowing what were the right words to use so as to set my lines alight, cause them to erupt on out of me
A sentence right now that makes you think…
Taking a drink, he swilled rather than forced it upon himself, before staring up at the empty bookshelf and wondering, “would I have been far more famous if I had done this, not let the drink take me asunder?”
That’s just it, he thought too much