A blast from the past
It was most definitely on
The pair of us were going to stay in the grandparent’s house
In ‘Tubbereen Road’
A stones throw from the centre of Clon
Grabbed a few beers
Drove ’til we were near
The old black gate
We really couldn’t wait
No script writing tonight
All about having the craic
Boisterous as ever
Thinking about my dreaded past
I decided that there was no going back
Locky passed me a bottle
Told me to take a load off
After two or three more
I was feeling soft
Age was getting the better of me
Afraid of the following mornings hangover
But I opted against staying sober
Ivor joined us in town
A few others adding to the mix
Next along came cousin Aoife
With her good friend Una
Before we knew it Phil was up to his old tricks
Good conversation
A few too many smokes
Once we made it to ‘The Venue’
It was all about the JD & Coke
Kept ourselves together
Even if we were feeling light as a feather
More to do with the fun
Merv with the odd hilarious pun
Not to mention a few fit ones
None of the above allowed
Back in ‘Tubbereen Road’
So we said our farewells
Headed for the hill
Where myself, Ivor, Locky, Ellen & Merv
Sat round the dinner table
With fond memories
& chilled
Over some ale
As well as stealing Ellen’s smokes
Something that only made us all the paler
A great night had by all
I ignored the bothersome thoughts
Stood tall
The only thing I had to nurse was the dreaded hangover
The anxiety was nowhere