We probably saw. Nothing of noteworthy worth and, yet, we still instilled a state of wayward Bliss. If we’ve been making them think of anything else of us they’ll possibly’Ve been thinking about HOW WE INKED down the

Dilapidated insides of an abandoned mind and stILL managed at handling the able-ness to keep ourselvesMiraculously afloat. There were a host of MOSTLY mollycoddled people who do care. A host of good-GaWwD ghosts chasing us and causing us all //

To fall into LINE: “mildly to wildly crying inside of our uncertainly determined minds.” They’ve stopped doing the utter ******* unthinkable, even been breath-taken and beleaguered amidst this obstacle of UTTER ******* misunderstanding. We very nearly sent ourselves away for the whole of

Thirty-one-TOO-MANY-decades, OR 113,150 days. And they do say that they’ve lived OUT-LOUD INSIDE OF A lively Ol’ mind called strife. “Not. By. A. Long-shot. Baby-Features.” When determined eyes have been denied they

Will not die. They rekindle the rHaPsoDiC role that nobody knows