They didn’t create things for piece of mind simply – they created thisTHING to breath, THAT brand=new fresh mental ingredient called.. UPPER-echelon belonging

To something, ANYthing.. of undertone-awareness. Their most magnificent entrapment was this exACT AND E-V-E-R-Y single OTHER(!!) one which earned them every=THING-else, Really. Even when,

To aforementionedBreatheABreath became WiLdLyDesTructiveActuAllY. “it’s called calmingly consideredConsideration when we do this MOST MAGNIFICENT thing— with OUR turn-of-tongue

Surfacing at theEdgeOfOneSun: only a seasonal thing.”
Bringing their own state of official-detail to the table of heroic alsoRans, they were… in it for the LongAndArduousHaul, Y’all(!)

Considering what HAD to have occurred. It is probably… oDdLy ReFresHInG indeed.. TO SAY THEVERYleast…

“To feel… petrifying andFREE(?!)”
If we ever get to witness what a tornado can do with the inner-within’s of itself. Then THIS is it and IT is them(!!) Remember: “that their particular destruction has NO real noise at all… .”