Theirs are undeniably the reinvented masterpieces of olden daze and searching for modern DAY equivalence- we’ve even been staring at it hard enough and for FAR too long a layover of time. In-DEED, the tome inside of their mEaNderInG minds must’ve been a (very) extremely futuristic thing!

They even appear to have perched themselves willingly atop of a ten-thousandth eager easel NOW… and WILL comfortABLY wait (with abated breaths…) for their worth to hurt again

It DOESN’T h-u-r-t at all actually— in-FACT, ANYTHING else but that Persuasion of Brain.

Whenever these tWiSteD skiEs do righteously REALIGN (LIKE THE FORGING OF WILDFIRE!!) and they officially begin to open themselves w-i-d-e…

This is P-R-E-C-I-S-E-L-Y when the penetration of one artist’s eager eye-line m-i-g-h-t just stART —

To make
… … … daftly meaningful yet equALLy mediocre sense (of itself)