They did things altogether fair deft and differently that it needs no words at all // they were evenly asked all the wrong sorts of questions and yet – imaginative jet-setters that they all are
“Maybe we took them all for mother effingGranted, and even if,”

Their shoe WAS TO HAVE HAD BEEN placed on the other person’s size-fifteen foot..

It would STILL be this self-descriptive and -exploratory thing —
Of course and cause and, yet again.. paused thinking. Imagine this though.. paused- AND Impasse-thinking(!!)

“Wouldn’t that just be a mother fucking meander of dream(?)” Yes! Let us see, let us think, and d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y

BrEaThE(…) like the mediocre+heroes we dreamed of b-e-i-n-g.”