He spoke in tired tongue- often exhausted with the weight of a day’s boredom and inescapable angst of shattered both scattered misunderstanding. Seemingly these were supposed to have been specifically rare ‘ol days of continuous calm and relax: to take some time and to earnestly ask his avenues of maddening intellect … to stay yet distantly remain

Tense and deluded was to call out at the non-plussed god-s up above for complete forged forgiveness, for the unfair shape of the Jekyll and Hyde personality that plagued him. All along wishing for calm, colossal Creation to revisit him- time again.

Perhaps his next painted portraiture will withstand all out-pour of over-emotion stood necessarily before it, whilst his own gets to remain reflectively crucified. Inside- but, however still, worth much more than the shape of the words he spoke.. alone

Utterly spontaneous. Therefore gathered and grabbed … erratically grasping
At Outlandish levels of climb and ((chaotic)) understanding

Still sitting, still begging, still goddamn mother fucking shrewdly praying and asking- for a compliment called pinpoint accuracy.