Faultless flaws of just one woman – pronounced time again affably average albeit ultimately at-one and unanimously unique . Homegrown, helter-skelter, mischievous (little) imbecile of quantifiable madness when maddeningly mixed with a singular sense of scarred and scribbled hieroglyphics . Put upon a linear page filled with marvelous wanderings of meandering r-a-g-e.

And immediately before it, she will ceaselessly p-o-u-r: Abhorrent and UProarious!! And secretively calling for her crooked and manicured fingernails ((and manic state of malnourished mind)) to riotously realign . Just

More Time . For the neatly procured paint has been purposely waiting … to pay its own dividends in artistically enhanced k-i-n-d: this time .