These words will in fact last, a rather conversational din – no less open-ended to mightily pressed perspectivisation

He sits to suit, to witness something, anything, quite contemporary and utterly stood upright aside outlandishly diversified

They take a little and bring their highly-strung imaginations to their better senses yet again, this pen – masterfully shorn ‘n’ worn, touched til concentratedly torn… til these hop-scotch phrases of confidence-arisen his burst back to life amidst uncertain deravelment

The block, about to dutifully unlock itself all owing to crazily brave hindsight/guided fair knowingly by/gladdened and introverted satisfaction/to a pause for manic thought

Ought to be truly held at heady task, and intriguingly asked, to bring a silenced art back to breathe-again life – a knife-edge situation indeed, where literary, debunked dereliction features heavily… and glistening blue blood shimmers the most

His only known colour enthusiastic