Oliver’s Eyes, his mind, his soul… his utter sense of sensual and laugh-a-minute portrayal/ this happiness-of-man and undeniably whip-smart and.. “quick-thinking, perhaps?”

How’s about we NOW allow for him to bReaThe… breathlessly and Slightly beautiful no-less!

With that Severeness of Sense of Endless Comfort amidst this contrarily and commonplace giving of classical cReAtiVity? He HAS taken the finesse(the FINENESS!) of t-i-m-e to bring it ALL crashing down Again!!
Upon ALL of us.

Only in a MOST magnificent manner, “thank you very much for almost Very-Nearly asking… …”

for we had an eager-faced hunch since the EAGERNESS of the beginning…

“That he WAS born to win.“ By blood or dust: his happiness of mind a surefire M-U-S-T.

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