They literally-both-mentally… definitely PHYSICALLY angled themselves in again, actually. They’ve watched the Beach Boys anoint themselves musical intelligences OF (and in) THE 20TH CENTury and influential -til the generation-led END.

They want(ed) for rhapsodic awareness. Want(ed) for TED-TALKS INSIDE OF THEIR (very) OWN {21st CENTURY} HEADS … …

and weakening at these teenage-angst-LED knees, “please, PEOPLE!” They do not anticipate the fear-filled FATE of an upside-down “NOW!!” anti-heroine ANYWAY … … . “She may as well have sued herself iMprOperLy at This Stage ANYWAY” …

in pedantic AND Social PROceedings, may as well’Ve

Suggested Just (-such) Three-M!LL!ON-MORE inCONsequential things to alarm AND EVENTUALLY disARM ======>> >

Their {aforesaid AT SOME POINT} all-out-there minds : “someHOW(??)” We won’t (really) wanna hear the {sTiFliNg} things that they thINK, won’t even (really) wanna be These Real-As-Auckland-Quicksand individuals who do DUEL

For the-most-unlikely-of-things NEAR THE IMMEDIATE (re-)stART, actually. Indeed, she(’s) traipsed over instantaneous eGgShEllS of HeRseLf. She very nEARLY even :: “instantaneously lost the best vErSioN(s) of HeRselF.” It’s time “NOW!!” for-us-all to

reLISTEN to those Beached Boys at (AND IN) their latter “YAY!!” state of

Unforgettable awareness. “Let us JUST SAY these things (TO EACH OTHER) (and OF ONE ANOTHER) anyway…
That they’ve been
Reeling it all in.” And like a fish out of water Only Minus The Dryness of Dangled Attitude, they SHALL {survive and} salute —-

A hook, LINE, and sinker truth