an ultimately unusual person
strikes at the size of a
sightly and awfully configurative (canvas)
hopscotch hands
effervescent is her ruling, fastidious and wide awake
meandering of colossal mountain/master-piece – means to be shrewdly metaphorical, a typographical dart to the heart
Tryhard undivided attention
forgetful to rather a mention
these designated dollops of delicious procrastination
a drinker’s favourite folly is – ultimately unusual. unusually approved this time.

be rude not to intrude upon their upside down, clown-about nature
of nocturnal insistences – blistering discrepancies which beg for themselves to need to breathe. Yes, she’s unofficially been deemed a 9am drinker of gin

gently, so very quietly – out of sight and bargaining with her might of mind to manage a manoeuvre