They will witness a quickening of whispered and twisted intellect, of unceremoniously aching pains – which have been involuntarily both problematically caused by all innumerable and singularly suffering manner of crazily both mightily over-enthused enthusiasm sometimes

This barely-living, seriously seething, oft-than-not barely-breathing “imbecile”: Plain-sighted, panic-stricken and ultimately overlooked albeit equally well and surely maddeningly over-awed… …

By all eagle-eared sense of unorthodox and upright alarmed pre-awareness this time

Take 2 – “Soon As His Left Foot Falters To A Comfortable Halt”

They witness a weakening of whispered intellect, of unceremoniously aching pain – ceaselessly caused and by innumerable way of mightily both over-enthused imbalance

This seething, barely breathing, seriously seen-to-be “Eejit”: He who will remain plain-sighted, po-faced and eerily, albeit equally, over-awed

By all singular sense of eagle-eyed and idiosyncratic pre-awareness this trying tryhard time

Whenever, really, the pulsation of his left foot beautifully freezes to beautifully s-e-i-z-e — something i-m-m-e-a-s-u-r-a-b-l-y bewildering … … yet again. And for one first time utterly infused by the might of paralytic sight: Whilst some might see it yet many an other selfish person won’t even begin to win outright

By the failure

Of the flight

Of a collapsed mind!