That sense of superlative workmanship, of hard-hitting & idiosyncratic elements of inundated enthusiasm, of laugh-out-low creative-heads that tended to generally officiate amid the caressed company of only ever themselves. Again .

Readily & eagerly prepped, prepared & self-anointed to an excruciating & unpardonable point

Of oblivious yet equally maniacal & manipulative misunderstanding

Secretive conversations steeped precariously between ricocheting people…Of courageously choreographed intent .

& standing taller still than the whole wide-eyed world of bleakly lit & bludgeoned creatures that came ceaselessly before them – & entirely indebted on the one whole part for being given that last abiding chance

In adding to the varnished-both-tarnished steps put upon this inescapable ladder of intellectually enhanced & outlandishly leveraged dreams.

As those same ‘sane’, idiotically eccentric & ‘encyclopedically gentrified’ culture-vultures swoop, scream & scheme … in equal unison !
W-i-s-h-i-n-g for just one one way back through the looking-glass of dastard happenstance & immoral dissociation

& all awhile acting just as comparatively abstract & placed mercilessly within a paralyzing & grinding sense of unashamed limbo … as they appear to remain these modern-day versions of their visionary forefathers

Lain scatter-crashed & dashed are their universal ashes …………………Yes! Outcasts that never can quite last.

& subsequently-both-spiritually searching for a rhythmic sense of lionhearted absolution yet again, May They Rest in disconnected pieces (of penetrating pain this time) …
Their tight-fisted bodies: Crushed, Pummeled & Twisted into Opinionated Oblivion

Whilst many of us will continue to prey & say it so very enthusiastically well …

In unique & equally abrupt unison: “Yet, is this really well & surely the final f*cking installment of choreographed procrastination aside plagiarized lies?”

What say they from heavily beneath – the weight of their very own entangled & shadow-casting eyes ?

It screams of multiplied & meaningful desire .