You have to go all in and all of the time. Let people know what is in fact happening with the OCD, if they seem to feel such a need, and do not be afraid to make it as clear as it may need to be and at any given time. All in, even if the get-out isn’t anywhere near as large as it should be. I never just decided to say: “This is it. Clearly. Let it be there. You cannot do any more than this to live as well as you can with this thing. It only ever ends up destroying you. Let yourself fall away, sure.” Why? But because I always knew that this thing was wrong and flawed and against my every willpower in the world. That my brain wasn’t working anywhere near substantially well enough to survive any more of the onslaught. Always here and always trying my best of bests. ALWAYS. With the girls now over in their house. Minded them last night for Coman and Mar. Great kids and had a nice quiz night between us before going to bed. God bless Ciara and her ability to ‘press buttons’ in wanting to never, ever shut the night down ❤️