Waiting patiently
For Mick’s next
This fella’s got the lot
Seems to be able to
Create the craziest things
Right there on the spot
What will be next
Who knows
What’s goes on in
His head
Seems to churn it out
As soon as he steps from his bed
The amount of material is absurd
Know what…
I’ve a feeling he might get away
With drawing a man doing a squat
Inspirational stuff
About a fella called
Paddy Dunne
Turned the month of February
Into Padruary
Quite contrary
But it works
Because he’s got
The taste
For all things creative
And even if he falls short
One day
He edits ’til
That piece is no longer
A waste
He’ll keep on keeping on
‘Til he hits the
Big time
That cut-out of Lionel Richie
Even if it was stolen by some
Hard asses
Was simply sublime
Really folks
It’s only a matter of time