Seriously, what would you write about if you were allowed write about anything you might like?
Perhaps a telling story of an age-old enbankment that deserves to be told

No thanks

How about a political slant, one that causes those who truly care to take heed?

Not a chance, I’d rather not breath

O-kay then… why not use your pen to push a few too many Transition Year students in the correct direction… I speak only of a literary endeavour, of course

Now you’re talking! Chalk it down, or so they say
Guess this is the kind of thing I prayed for right from the onset
To get to set fire to young and eager, not forgetting, never forgetting, impressionable bellies

Well, where might you like to go so as to do that?

I dunno, sat inside of a mid-morning English class might be rather nice, don’t you think?

We’ll see what we can do
Why not chew the fat for a time, perhaps… as much as unravel your rhyme?

Ahem, excuse me!?

I see, you are set in your ways then

No, not so much, just… I dunno, it seems to be the one thing I can truly rely upon right now
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m well able to create a decent story too
Least I hope I am

You know that we have all been speaking, and while you may well indeed be a mile or ten ahead, people just feel that you may… need… to mix it up a little

Mix it up!? That is all I ever do! Chew the fat!? I simply cannot chew the fat, I mean I’m unemployed as it is, as this damn recession stands!

Fine… grand
Then don’t take my hand
All we ever wanted to do was to carefully entice you, craft your every single new word
Look, I took time out of a very important schedule to meet you in the middle
And here you sit twiddling your cigarette-stained thumbs

Meet me in the middle… do I come to your home-home and ask, almost tell you how to raise your very own children?
Thank you entirely… sincerely… but truth be told I was kinda warned about you and your kind

Me and my kind?

It’s my kind and I
Now who’s in dire need of correction, an unlearned , God awful interception of sorts
You continue to use your time however you see fit and I, my friend, I’m fairly sure can continue to take care of the rhyme