He sizes it intricately on up – needs to be quite outlandishly stand apart spectacular

To cause these rapturous audience’s hearts to so suddenly shake to quake all of the way over again

Settle say when

Frightfully so, don’tcha know?

One Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, soon as this mammoth procedure-list director fixates on in – cinematically terrific in a shutter-speed instance
Surely they have insurance for this

Birdman – 21 grams: Sean Penn and the talented likes of which hatching an unmatched drug-baron plan at random will, historical reawakening distilled ’til peeling these focused upon lids wide open

Seriously cannot say far fairer than all of that genius intermittence

A quick fire brain set to capture what waxes, these eye-watering moments in time which wane on Di Caprio’s son-less everything

An Oscar… maybe!?

The Revenant, his possible go-to masterpiece supreme, rumour has it that these men bled to within a manic inch of themselves for this to make immaculate kinds of sense – to have and to inundatedly create, to hold – bear-grip rather – immediately against these none too sentimental judges and their bashful attitudes

Just What In The Name Of Christ Did Leonardo Actually Do?

Be rude to continue to miss out on aforementioned actor’s wickerwork round-of-applause, Inarritu clutching this fellow soliloquyed man carrying with him a method to his very own peculiar madness from the jaws of repeat defeat

Seems to be, seems to me, this particular director has been steeped in creative endeavour, to design to treasure ’til finding, unearthing the absolute right manner, right rhythm of speaking to every single person who has been continually listening

When he so much as roars right from that projection screen perched radiantly overhead, we all stand to applaud, scream and deliver in equally hellbent movement of our story-fed own

Prone to scaring the life back on through both you and I

Question though, why in the name of Christ did standalone support-actor Tom Hardy have to die?

For he was entirely the diamond shining brilliantly bright amidst the gorified rough and meticulously set tumble

Then there is, of course, one Domhnaill Gleeson, bleeding for his own cherished green, white and gold worth

Simply smouldering in red