Though, thoughts ‘n’ all / what if we loved ourselves for the sake of others and their utter – “stupidity.” And what if we made it ALL up V!A this belated state of losing-the-lay-of-ourselves intelligences?? “And what if, though, the whole of this world

Worried itself sickening and silly? She’s making a change and stretching her layabout wings anyway.” It sings… it sings… it mother-effing-well has to’ve done THAT LoudMOUTHED and highly musical THING! Back behind miserly eyes – white “LIE” ACTually – she’s being

Professionally pride-filled and desirous for the sake of transforming momentary minds.. “and eyes.” And what-if… … we really see the riotously REALISTIC mannerisms which act nastily, aHeM… real? These painted-faced mannerisms of lackadaisical delirium, indeed. We’ve

“Lurched inside of screaming minds and minded how it feels to’ve felt… past the point of normalised inside.” She’s lying down now “immediately again, plEASE(!!)” and allowing her self-made energetic MANipulator to ruuuuuusssshhh… that dedicated paintbrush angrily against her

Adolescent “Daddy dearest, love Me, Please!” face