They stole something else, something… strangely inebriating and certainly delightful indeed. It’s… common to’ve spurned these level headed opportunities while the rest

Rectangled their circular heads / that abstract level of immediate overindulgency. “We didn’t need nothing but for utterly every little thing from someone.” They were tripping over themselves heels and heads ina HooPlA when

You guys started at stating the n-o-n-e too obvious(!!) Yeah, it’s a wide eyed wildness and YEAH(!) they were —->> confronting themselves to the point of paralysing predetermination.

Joining in the fun never felt so very gelled in tenWAYS… of two, and many things . Withstanding these hardness of conditions really will take a wIldNeSs of mind: none of it kind(!)

Only all of it willing.