We spoke at each other’s ears like it didn’t really even matter what we were even trying to hEAR. They were

Thinking of standing and talking and momentarily walking whilst their eager eyes tried – for something else entirely.

It’s about as pure as cakes of castles of candle floss and sugar and as honest as a frankly idiotic lying imbecile – and it’s still a stormy encounter ‘shared’ liVidly between

There aforesaid listening relatively intensely AND intently people of problematic other things too. Make no mistake, she’s been building bridges with the better parts of anyone else

Who would, you guessed it, LISTEN
“To her rabbit on like a loco-emotional WreCk of a respectABLY spectacular person.” It’s increasingly incredible how she

Started at the end and dipped her mind a little bit DEEPER inside of the mere EAGER middle many a time: “and tried for utter, UTTER

down actually underSTANDING.” The mere eager facts happening immediately before her.

They won’t really interest themselves anymore, though, in needling their way back in and asking ==

A disgustingly interruptible number of rarely unasked QuEsTions, and she IS on a quest…

To press Less And Less Of Her AFORESAID spectacularly Bespectacled FaceAgainst the mere EAGER window Pane: which had previously PAINED HER to have to force herself to SEE THRU..

Even if they’ve been… “as Determined As Anyone else to make her life a mess
of a

most magnificent

k!ND(…) of crazy anticipation and crystallised in the shards of glass about to be

Violently sMasHeD into smithereens before her mesmerised eyes