They will sit themselves down yet again and act utterly able:: these are creating something

Set to become// nothing so very interesting actually. They’ve figured themselves entirely out of the equation AGAIN and it doesn’t even matter all that MUCH(!?) how it FeELs, because

Either way The CookieDid CrUmbLe like ONE motherfuckerINDEED(!!) They HAVE acted oddly Inebriated and CertainlyCertifiably antagonised only

—- in a most magnificently appreciativeWay::)) what WE see IS what they w-i-s-h-e-d to speak it and say..

And there’s a robotic instance inALL OFthem, and it seems to have had its VERY-OWN Liquorice-ALL-sort trimmings..

As Their Merry Old Liquorice-AllSort Lives are good and great and comfortably Average, whilst peripheral minds doMind:

How the f*cking artist A-C-T-S at the excitABLE, ahem…. STROKE of MidNIGHT.