Nothing left for them to say but for: aching to ActIronic Has NeverReallyBeen There FavouriteMostThing— even if

To turn the phrase into another such welterweight, Ahem, individual.. they shall all need to DuelItOutNow: “hard AND HAPPY(!)”

“We were MeaningFULLY(!!) meandering with our Favourite=Minds when we finallyFoundTheTime ToHaveBeen

—)) steelyeyedIndividuals of, mostly, untruthful endeavour, ACTually.” AND… to LOOK ourselves SquareInTheFaceAgainWeAppearToHaveTasted

The same-old-shame as everybody else, really. “Delve and DO-IT-WITH that faceless feel for considerateCreation

——-And it NEEDNotHaveEVENbeen (in aNy wHiCh WaY!!) SoVerySensational(!)” They were dodging the digging of their Owngraves for the sakeOf

Pure and UTTERcreation. “Maybe(?!)” Or maybe… JUST MAYBE: “they’ve seen all that there is to see.”