If we were conversing about another thing then maybe they didn’t actually need to know

It was always prose, and always a little bit eGoTwIsTiCaL, perhaps (?) We were undeniably alone with our own and —- wondering how in the name of, AheM… “what’s his nAme again(?!)”

It all went Up in a wickedly expressive manner of interpretive idiocy. Wildly thinking with their eyes and minds taken to a point of

Unbeatable avoidance, she shall enter herself IN again and search… “other ways to make
Sentences make new sorts of really oughta SenSe, don’tcha reckon it IS WORTH the wait…

As she tAkes the utter bullshit that is FaITh away and eventually interrUPts… … … the vagabond fairytale living within their —— mood of wideAWAKE BraIn