We can do this any which way you fancy it
By phone, in person… feckit, by text, if you like
Down to you entirely

Well, by phone might be nice
I mean, seeing as that’s what we’re doing right now
No, not nice
Never nice, but you get me, right!?
If I got you we wouldn’t be in this almighty mess in the first place
I can’t believe your’re going to do this to me
Do you have ANY respect, love anymore!?

Course I do, just not any kind you might like
I’m fed up, utterly and completely
Just the way it is, you know

No, I don’t fecking know, how on earth could I ever know!?
I just don’t know YOU anymore
You broke my fecking heart! You FECKING who…

Now, now, don’t start
We were together for so very long, I never, ever dreamed of tearing you apart
Drive a stake throught your heart, as you so APTLY put it

CHRIST tonight! Do you actually do this for a living, getting off as well as getting paid to, I dunno, destroy a man’s mind!!!
At least tell me this, was the sex any good?

You know it was, it was… excellent
Unmatched, in fact!

Then why not take me back all over again, let things happen at will
We can and will do this, right!?

No, Nigel
It’s gone too far, taken too much time right out of my hands
We can be friends, right?
The best

Feckit, ya… sure, whatever works for you, princess!!
My God… your breasts…

Ah, I see that you’re drunk, aaall over again
Simmer down now and we can talk tomorrow, OK!?

Not a hope in hell, I should’ve listened to all of my friends
You’re a bat straight out of hell!!!!
Should’ve smelt you coming
A goddamn angel with fire for wings
This is the end!! Seems you get exactly what you want
I hope you rot right inside of your home
Hell, I mean

Got that!!!

BEEP… and the line goes dead