When we’ve been hacking into the ins-and-outs of everything else and making sense of her insatiable appetite which will not suggest: Just Such An Immediate Level of Consequential Events. They’ve even been
Borrowing the souls of the holy-HOST people and making them feel – “delicately real. We’ve number-crunched ourselves into these sweet little fun-filled corners again and moved HEAVEN-AND-HELL for the sake of a shake-UP worth its utter weight in whimsical understandings And if she’s REALly been bellyaching inside of her colossal-mind (again) then she’ll know EXACTLY HOW IT FEELS

To peel her mildly-eyes wide-opened, please.” When it shouldn’t take much more than ever before for us to improve ourselves behind enemy-LINES anyway. “We’ve gone and saturated (these) sitting-soothed souls for the price of Patriarchal Distinction.” And (EVEN) if

Anybody else wishes to ask us how it feels to’ve felt so (VERY) wideAWAKE-alive that it cannot (ever) be explained then they can ask themselves just one MORE such other interfering thing…

“But how in the name of HELL OVER HIGH-WATER DID THEY (ever) MANAGE AT BRINGING SWEET-HOSTILITY TO ITS welterweight KNEES anyway?”