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The way the length of the string… sizzles to a scintillated STANDSTILL. They’d been sinning with their wits TwiSteD UP in all sorts of wisely ol’ Upside down wisdom WHILE WE ALL CANTERED TO A rhododendron CONSEQUENCE. “He’s shirking his LIVID, sEeThInG duties (AGAIN) and acting as if A Qualified Fool with all of the tools

Of tomfoolery.” We aren’t really interested anymore in taking the tenacious level to, ahem… YET another level, actually, of unremarkably level-HEADED understandings. “She’s

Fairly certain as to the WASH-AWAY whereabouts of a Down And Out asshole. She’s fairly certain, TOO, as to the total level of

Inconsequential events happening inside of her _ poltergeist head.”
When we take the breaths back that (((CAN!!))) relax AND TRACK –

Their own downFall. And as common as a punched and DrUnK iMbeCiLe with aforesaid wits —
Withstanding: “absolutely EVERYTHING WHICH WE THROW AT HIM.”