It’s not how they in all likelihood envisioned it turning itself in and around and out THE OTHER SIDE again, not what they typically thought would happen next… with the

Others at the alarming end of the Catastrophe=Castle: wiping their SLINGSHOT-brains CRYSTAL+clear and cleaN and whispering it EAR~TO~ear: “It’s… a kinda common cOURtesy occurrence which has set them artistically apart—

… as they sought for utterLy purposeful suppositions amidst dashingly deLicate levels of Yuletide Forgiveness(??!)” It’s not even the time of the year and she still — imagiNe$ it all in a spin-cycle of mind so very BLATANTLY belated that

We cannot even pester our own HEADSTRONG-soldiers… … to miraculously imagine such a bloody HIGH-ended thing. If there are ways to be better then… “let’s let ‘em be BREATHTAKINGLY better than ((being)) excitably Average again”