They did the unthinkably

alternative and they wrecked their own perspective so as

to tie another layabout, confronted and comforting LIE to the mIxed Up state of

ego. “And They’d have a million minds by now if we let them add Up all the AddItional information within.”

When… finding their car wedged in sizeable cement is their brain’s way of expressing itself that’s precisely when… “they needed the break from bReaKing no rules
As that sTuTtEr**** inside

Their dartboard minds haD its own way of portraying —-)) what it actually takes..
to prove to themselves that they’ve been TriPpInG UP so as to make

Even bigger ******* dreams REALISE THEMselves again. Dramatically speaking, She’s landed on her head and, still, she’s somehow achieved—- remarkable productivity