“If there is something deep then there is something definite – inside we reach for another place of purely DEROGATORYdemeanour. It’s easy when

They’d thought of almost everything and then some… “People really do have all the effing luck in one whole World, and we ARE in fACT one of them.”

It’s… a deeply divided and derogatory summarise indeed of a fallen Angel with no realBusiness at all in following her own path of u-t-t-e-r Destruction.

Emblematically speaking, she’s been representing a million prioritised people for the sake of a sHaKe Up in the atmosphere.

“That particular fear? It’s a ******* who-knows-about-that Nuisance, and We really do feel… about as wound UP now as a

“Master stoke of utter preached FORgiveness.” And if they ask us just one more time, then they will see

That look of utter fucking determination . Engrained. It rains UNDILUTED HAPPINESS ACTUALLY