There’s this hearty little interpretation of elongated bliss: the kissed atmosphere by the Sun Up SomeWHERE, though!? “Who actually ALL-OF-US(!!) NEEDS TO kNOw?!”

No one but for.. her; as she takes her favourite BEST memories and spreads to SPRAY t-h-e-m!!

Mightily across the sight of the skyline at night – Shy as a shrinking-violet sensation albeit UP ALL night, “actually.”

And matter-of-fACT asking for

A wonderful, FULLY PLANNED aforementioned interpretation— of rag-and-bone bliss – deliciously-both-DELIGHTfully TwIstEd to within a sun-fuelled inch… … AND SHE DRINKS IT

“Yes, she does tend to carry the map to another such world around in her pinched pocket, of utterly wonderful and upside-down industry: shared masterfully between these

Stay-awhile, stand-in-hope artists of utterly UTTERLY… U-T-T-E-R-L-Y(!!) transcending happiness, “F**k the map, actually!” She repeats, as she breathes beautifully nocturnal industry.

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