They want to know what ocd feels like. Well. For me, chronic ocd feels a little big bit like this- that being how large your head may as well be for the ongoing state of rumination/s etc. It’s hard. It’s mind-bending and -boggling and it is most certainly unfair. It’s detrimental to your mood and to your true feelings and personality. It literally mind-locks you away from your favourite people. It convinces you, or rather your hot-wired imagination convinces you that chaos will utterly ensue if you DO NOT figure out what is wrong. What is actually wrong is, your brain is imbalanced and right at the part that needs to be balanced to make the right and normal, level-headed decisions. It’s petrifying, having to watch you life being pulled and pushed and pulled and pushed and stretched away from you until, well, you’re veering on being bed-ridden all over again, for another lifetime of pummelling and atrociously agonised mental rumination. I wish with all my heart that this thing didn’t happen to me. Or anyone else for that matter. I wish it every day. I wish, wish, wish this shit didn’t grip at my everything important all of the time.