She holds herself together as best she can force herself to handle – they’ve come in the entirety of their droves to see the supposedly so wonderfully orchestrated masterpiece – Chinese whispers have taken it upon themselves to propose and to rather adoringly hope a whole city over
She wears the very same drop – away red nylon dress which she wore way back when she was a notoriously good musician – unfaltered, unaltered even, increasingly flattering
About above just average now, they do tend to rush to say – those carrying with them the green – eyed critic swarmed all too abruptly, fair sickeningly within, having perhaps delved a little too deep into her particularly peculiar heartbreak process – when said musician hurts for their unashamed worth, bleeds to build a river back up
Nonetheless, she prepares to softly shake these constrained cobwebs off, wraps her soon to be settled fingers right round the piercing microphone – hopes for electric to transform itself to something outright eclectic all in a soliloquy instance, and gets back to what she once did best
Lifts her tired mind, wired – to – the – word eyes, and finally begins to prise them together one note per time
She’s been meaning to amount to everything when the anticipation is almighty