Their utterly self-esteem HAS TO HAVE e-a-g-e-r-l-y plummeted and to the pandemonium-in-point — OF.. NEVER giving UP, actually(!) These people have seen (AND BEEN TO) the backend of the scene and it HAD-TO-HAVE f-e-l-t

Eerily real and rather RiOtoUsLy effed-up because… what caUSed this NOTORIOUSLY mindFraZzLinG thing is

—- undeniably disgusting, as we
To wither away to (notably) nothing amidst these d-i-r-e DaZe(!!) of ultimate a-g-o-n-y, in=DEED.
What they feel IS not what we SEE, as a dollop-of-DECADENT-AND-DELIRIOUS-delight MIGHT just be n-i-c-e

Whilst we sit and w-a-t-c-h t-h-e-m t-a-k-e: kite-like F-L-I-G-H-T

It is NOT all in the mind… —- except for the kindness of aforementioned: Whenever their necessary niceties became:: broken-ended and breached

Silenced NOW, Just Watch Them SCREEEEAM!!! Sweet and decadent delirium and in the shape
Of freeze-frame concentration