We have figured out EXACTLY how to unearth and toughen these times, have even VERY-NEARLY bettered ourselves DOWN TO THE GROUND and brought a brand new level of

—- Identifiable resilience to the table/ all advancing and advantageously ambivalent people REMAIN… ..

Previously prepared to pander and pOuNcE amidst these masterSTROKE events of EVENTual anticipation…

As rUde and readily unAVAILABLE as they may well have been, their eyes remain iconically clean. And preciously prepared to stare…

((at the silhouette shape of the other ratHER ambiguoUS person.. plagiarised AND playFULLY dIlApIdAteD, their breaths still SeEtHe!!))

SQUARELY at the shape of our shifting faces——

As their crystal-clEAR, artistic attitude suddenly appEARS to f-e-e-l..

Like a developMENTAL industry ALL of its own. Home… strewn entitlements who DID in=DEED MEAN to be

Whipsmart above-all-else… they (seem to) see a brand-new and improved imAGE with the ticking-AND-the tocKING of E-A-C-H and EVERY brAND new and READjustable day

Maybe- who knows anymore but for these insistently sleeping, dreaming, SECRETive people of vagabond survival TECHnique: we do not mean to sPEAK, as the speaking was done

By a different entity entirely