They’ve been whispering and wisely wishing for their existences to make existing sense of themselves- they’ve even asked the other person just how they might feel about

Bathing in their own state of separated AND SECLUDED happiness: “Yes,” says She: “it IS an entirely individual thing. Of hope spun glorioUSly towards thankful talent and other inspiringly wise-AWAKE THINGS(!)”

They will stand and dance and ShAke their insisting derrières – at the moon and the Sun and back to One —

Or a pair of beautifully ‘paralysed’ people; “because the description for them should take on a whole new meaning!!”

They’ve earned it, spurned it! Bothered to BATTLEBACK ‘til guaranteed.

That singular AND TOGETHER SENSE of laugh-out-LOUD, follow-AND=LEAD(!) this crowd

“It has undeniably and inunDATEdly been something worth being believed, beLOVED A-N-D treaSUREd

Til they dropped one another’s manicured hands again and KNEW(!!) UTTERLY: their might of minds enough to wholeHEARTedly
t themSelVeS versUS —

This distrusted source of Idiotic Imbeciles who WILL kneel at their polished feet

. Because they have always been golden and pointed at the surFACE OF THE SUN: yes, dogDAMNIT, “she’s his only one” And f**k, did she earn it like nobody else’s business on eARTh