If they desired anything then they desired the necessity to hold themselves back against the other persons

Impenetrable sense of awareness, and if they really rather being these stay away and stayAwhile people then

“Let’s let em do that pARTicular thing, please. Say it with a sentence instilled with UTTER serenity because

She’s about to pick a million daffodils and aCT achingly silly with herself.. yet again.” What else they did is they

Undertook the morning time like a bat out of… water(?!) Nope… like a Daft LITTLE fish in the DaRkness of a daffodil-drenched Day. We do NOT wish to stay awake for the sake —- of someone else’s utter

Ultimatums. “If we need to remain living+in+LAUGHOUTLOUD(!!!) silence then that is precisely the way to be.” And if they try and turmoil our have-a-heart minds then “we may as well…

Break their minds with falsified KinDnEsS because that way, at least, they’LL walk away with their own state of utter

BE=wIlDeR and FumBling ThEIr size ELEVEN FeEt like upside down delinquents.” And what she needed to NOT understand were all of the hands that she’d been involuntarily DEALt. This

Stiflingly sophisticated sense of rhapsodic uncertainty which MUST, must…. just fucking M-U-S-T… cloak her bandaged back to-get-her soul. AND BEG FOR MORE ~~~

brown ******* sugar atop of her decaffeinated cwoffee, “plEASE.” Because maybe brilliance wasn’t MEANt to be easy