A call to readied arms and eyes and minds and souls/ which will softly both secretively suggest something universal AND OTHERWORLDLY to themselves: these upstart, whip-smart, fast thinking people

Of beautifully prioritised minds- but, “Oh my,” how they do INDEED appear to NEED to NOT think a million times too many “SOMETIMES!!”

The art has been happening with surround-sound effect and it HAS been acting ALL kinds of PERFECTLY out-of-OrdEr..

As an AVID-minded Artist(with a capital ‘A’ for Ambivalence)will
Tie their favourite heartstrings nearer, STILL…

the surface of their stay-awhile, stayAGILE(?) and prosperous mind

Delighted by all of the MANY(!!) things which MANY will never EVEN BEGIN TO PERMIT THEMSELVES TO s-e-i-z-e

Releasing their inner-ward WARRING and SPARRING of seen-to-be ‘demons’, which do DUTIFULLY love to DaNcE… unprovoked and

Circumnavigating the CIRCUMFERENCE of their readied, SteAdiEd Brains. “Rain down upon them, Oh ALL sense of inspiring ammunition, plEASE!” And let it be… beautifully brand new.

And undeniably fruitful, this unremarkable-to-many thing of focused, FAST-P-A-C-E-D (and abruptly wayward) intelligence

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