Yes, we poked around the pace of place and searingly searched… for that endless sense of… antagonised UPset, indeed(.) “What we have seen is Not What(?!) We Will Be(come): for there IS only 1(!)”

The people were awash with hectic-faced anXietyAnd ALLawhile we watched their FROZEN-faced smiles make

Less than LESSsenseYet.. again. The try hard individual entitlement need n-e-v-e-r(!!) have been anything other than — an UPstartMasterPEACE. And.. believe us, plEASE, when we do say this particular thing: “that it’s been.. all about

Bouncing back only in a M-O-S-T dutifully killer-instinctual way.”
And the time it took to pay dividends has NOT TO END ANYWHER€, any time… actually. We are writing again(And with Wild=Fire InhabitingOurEyes!!) to make LESS than lessSENSE: “of our merry and TwIstEd Ol’ Selve$.”