Unannounced, she invites herself to the preparatory table
with utter aplomb and exhausted levels of commonplace and courteous understanding

And, all awhilst, before her shall sit..
People ((pained!!)) of eagerness and involuntary intent,
those same “sane” people who will witness and watch her each of every silly little aside

Gather and collide… brought back to some sort of An Alternative Life

Same said scheming quirks which can appear both marvellously mischievous and constantly carries with it..
Undeniable shy eyes (((WiLD)))

Albeit simultaneously steeped in one of a kind unentitled Energy & sudden-most INTIMATE both animated forms of sudden-most clear-cut Vision

& Soothed Survival

AND She also appears to regrettably admit that she’s been praying at fair religious pace, and impatiently inside of these inescapable church wall corners
With their mandatory and oft-than-not highly over-ambitious encyclopaedic tendencies
to devilishly advance upon the shaped shadows

Of pained people of derelict intention

Same “sane” buildings WITCH ceaselessly carry broken-ended, HAND-crafted images

Of hope-filled individuals

And sacrificially anointed upon their each-of-every reflected genuflection of fibre-glass faces—–)

As she silently screams for that immediate impact of a complete release of Untarnished innocence

And Matter-Of-Fact imaginative understanding; Yes indeed!! That timely ear/piece of creative Quietude and Profound kinds of rhapsodic silence.

And right on time to bring her movement back to Blue,
and with it all….. their fibre-glass minds back to life. rallied around and masterfully revitalised

Entirely demonic, in a friendly sense anyway.