A beauty in their ruling of rules perhaps and that’s as DAFTly as The Daftliest Old Set Of agitating rules CAN GET. She’s holding her WROUGHT IRON knife and fork as if: “sparring for her whole wide supper, as if indeed playing foosball table against the WHOLE beleaguered world And ManaginG To Make It make

Mere EAGER sense someHOW(?). We’ve ended up comfortably alone and cottoning on to these people and their permitted Gin and Tonic instances. She’s away with someone else inside of her sophomore mind today and making

Mere eager wagerings worth EVERYTHING else anyway with these people who don’t even know her from Eve, “indeed.” There’s this admittance INSIDE OF HER HEAD and we only ever speak of it with our minds in a comfortable “for now..” bind. We’ve

Definitely done the most DEAFENINGLY DIFFICULT things in the world… “with their time whilst our own aforesaid minds = reimburse themselves somehow for all the hurt… .” What happens to Charlie Pitstop, though, when the tough gets going and she’s ended up NOSE TO NOSE –

With a devil who just does not even CaRe for its own state of official wEirDnesS plEASE? And maybe we did and we didn’t walk with the devil PUT UPON OUR SHOULDERS but what we DEFINITELY DID IS WE:

“Walked with the weight of the WONDERFUL WORLD and watched it take reVERBerating sHaPe Of iTseLF… EVENTually.”