They designed this all and for the sake of being exceptional actually(what we appear to have seen is, ACUTELY sPEAKing, another realm of ARTificial Thing Altogether).

With their bones tethered nEaTly (BACK) together again and their sight-of-m-i-n-d acting AS-IF: oh, so VERY Awfully Shy These DaZe, we cannot but —>

Officially try and aLtEr another set of simultaneoUS events for ourselves(.) Even IF, and when, the rules of deREGULATION HAVE Been keeping (q-u-i-e-t and) to themselves Sometimes..

Whilst our immediacy-of-mInD AND eyeLINE especially t-r-i-e-s:: to sing it TO FORM(!!!) AND from— the exACT same hymn-sheet as before

With her pearly-white-teeth AND her picket-WHITE fencing of UPSIDEdown LIES placed upon RioToUs F-I-R-E, what she IS is—-

an unACCUSTOMED person who DEARLY AND d-e-e-p-l-y wishes to regularly delight herSELF and her VERY-OWN-MIND, and at Purely-DesirABLE pace NOW, as naive as it all might just sound —->>> to us sickeningly sane-faced individuals

She’s done the gROUND work times-a-multiplication-of-a-million-thousand-multiplied-Mere-EAGER-others AND WE are.. each one of another of US—->>

Readily available to a-c-t utterly

“Despondent AND responsive, indeed = yes.” That twin-peaked way of speaking and of thINKing ((in a straight and sedated line) which cannot but

Bring us ferociously back to that aforementioned plACE Of outrageoUS IMMEDIACY. (Even if) “We do prefer to call it

The calming DOWN of COMPLETE and competitive catastrophe, actually.” When a mind DOES mind: exactly how it feels

To feel: relatively rEaL