They have worked their way back to the HARDwIREd surface yet again, having done all-of-it with their minds tied, their multi-transgression of eye-line Multiplied by: whatever seemingly sense of cReaTivE WisDom TheY DID LIKE —to have handled it AT-WILL(..) And it’s ALL-OF-IT been

Coming THICK and f-a-s-t and defiantly thunder-stricken for its W-I-D-E awake, h-u-r-t-i-n-g worth(.) What’s BEEN done HAD-TO-HAVE gone beforeThemALL, and it still seeks((IMPRESSIONISTICALLY speaking, Please!)…

A place near the Future For Times (AND F*CKS) Sake. To partake in the ProBleM HAS NOT caUSed ANY-SUCH motherf*c*ing Solvable

Solution, ACTually – Salutations, Oh Weary-ONES:: of AVIDLY IDEALISTIC eyes AND minD-LINE—>>

Wide, W-I-D-E-OPENING yet again, USING her ponder-some PEN to aforeMENTIONED parTAKE

In anything else as AbStrAct as We CaN imaGINe – these needLESS atrocities